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Training for casinos and betting companies

Developing training

  • Module 1: Understanding money laundering
  • Module 2: Organizing the fight against money laundering in Belgium
  • Module 3: Identifying key actors involved in money laundering
  • Module 4: Investigating and prosecuting money laundering activities
  • Module 5: Utilizing a risk-based approach
  • Module 6: Using a typology-based approach
  • Module 7: Identifying categories of money laundering typologies
  • Module 8: Recognizing typologies specific to casinos
  • Module 9: Understanding underlying crimes associated with money laundering typologies
  • Module 10: Recognizing typologies associated with cybercrime
  • Module 11: Understanding money laundering modus operandi – part 1
  • Module 12: Understanding money laundering modus operandi – part 2

The anti-money laundering and anti-financing (AML/CFT) training program is structured as a series of webinar modules, with each module lasting for 20 to 30 minutes. The modules are designed as mp4 files, which can be played and tracked on the employee’s screen. It is well known that individuals have difficulty maintaining their focus for extended periods, making this modular approach particularly effective.

The training program consists of a minimum of 12 modules, taking a total of 6 hours, which can be completed in a single day. The primary benefit of this approach is that it allows for flexible scheduling. For example, staff members can complete one or two modules on the first Friday of every month, either individually on their laptops or collectively on a large TV-screen. Furthermore, new employees can complete the modules at their own pace on a laptop. Additionally, this modular approach is flexible enough to allow for the addition of new modules or the modification of existing ones without disrupting the entire training program.

Flexible and effective approaches to learning