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New book on ‘Fighting Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism – Typology Based Approach’

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Having written multiple books on Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism in Dutch and French, he now feels that it is time to create his ultimate work in English. While the Risk Based Approach (RBA) is a vital approach recommended by various national, European, and international organizations, he believes that a practical approach is needed to complement the RBA. This is why he developed the Typology Based Approach (TBA), to identify and analyze ML/FT methods, techniques, and indicators. The TBA involves collecting and analyzing data on ML/FT cases, to identify common patterns and trends, which can be used to develop strategies and policies to combat ML/FT.

The TBA recognizes that ML/FT methods and techniques are constantly evolving, so it is crucial to have a system to identify and categorize these methods to prevent and detect ML/FT. He analyzed annual reports from Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) worldwide to identify ML/CFT techniques and indicators not previously described by other FIUs. This analysis resulted in a collection of confusing ML/FT methods and techniques, which he categorized based on different criteria.

For indicators, he categorized them according to reporting entities, ML phase, breach of AML-code, professional obligations, ML-strategy, criminal court judgments, and predicate crimes. As for methods, he categorized them based on whether they were used in financially included or excluded regions, which correspond to non-cash and cash-based economies. Although ML/FT occurs in both regions, different methods are used. Additionally, with the rise of the internet, a new type of ML/FT, called cyber laundering, has emerged, which can be operated globally without any link to bank accounts or cash transactions. This has given birth to a new collection of methods that need to be addressed.

His intention with his book is to provide a comprehensive perspective on ML/FT, covering prevention, proceeds of crime, and repressive measures, such as criminal investigations and court proceedings. He has already created the table of contents for the book. It just needs to be written out.

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